WCAC's Photo Posting Policy

We have 2 purposes here: 
  • Display original works related to astronomy for the appreciation and enjoyment of the club and the public at large. 
  • Display photos that aid in the education of people interested in astroimaging. 
The first purpose is served by demanding the work be original.  The second is served by requesting all photos to be posted be accompanied by the following: 
  • Description of the subject
  • General description of the location the photo was taken
  • Identification of the film, camera, lens, etc that was used
  • Notation of any special equipment used
  • Description of any image processing techniques used.  This description must be sufficiently complete to let the knowledgeable reader create a similar image.
Additionally, we will not do any special image processing to the photos posted.

Club members will have priority on postings here.  Who's material is posted will be determined by the club's web-site committee. 

We would also ask this:  if the photographer/author has an e-mail address, they should express whether or not they would be willing to post that information along with the image, so interested parties may inquire further if they like.  We will not post that information unless we are specifically given permission to do so. 

We also ask that submissions in electronic format are given with the owner's initials as the first 2 or 3 characters of the file name. This will aid us in giving credit/assigning blame to the images. 

Finally, the author/photographer retains the copyrights of their respective material.  In other words, you can use these images for your enjoyment and education, but not to make a profit. 

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Last updated March 25, 2005 by Bill Castro