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Projector Installation Images- Photos of the installation of the new projector on August 24, 2000.

TWC Planetarium History - By Rev. Dave Ross.

Planetarium Lift Sketch - A mechanical drawing of the lift mechanism.

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Virtual Moon:

Digital Universe:

Some Classic Constellation Myths are described at...

"Myth*ing Links" is a neat website (nevermind the corny name) where all
kinds of material on myth and folklore can be found.  Enter the portal
and scroll down to "Common Themes" and find "Starlore", for example...

TWC School Programs - To The Wilderness Center's Education Programs

Hoover-Price Planetarium - Part of the McKinley Museum and National Memorial, Canton, OH.

The Great Lakes Planetarium Association - Sponsors annual professional conferences and offers lots of support for astronomy education.  See their list of scripts and their "Tips" booklets... 

The International Planetarium Society - Publishes the journal Planetarian and has a list of online articles of interest ot planetarium educators. - A web page by, about and for planetarium educators.

Ash Enterprises - Planetarium consultants offering installation, repair and refurbishing services to a wide range of institutions, from public schools, TWC and to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. 

Major funding for the Astronomy Education Building was made possible by 
The Fred F. Silk Foundation

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