Club Officers

2014 - 2015

Thanks to 2013 - 2014 Officers


Officers Responsibilities

President - Preside over and lead monthly club meetings. Work with Joann or Barb when TWC input or approval is needed for work or activities being performed by the Club. Write an annual report to be included in The Wilderness Center's annual report.

Vice President - Fills in if the president cannot perform his or her duties.

Secretary - Records and distributes the minutes for the monthly club meetings.

Treasurer - Keeps the books for the Club's funds. Status is reported at each club meeting. Ensures that an independent annual audit of the books is performed. A financial report must also be given to Sara Douglas once a month. Keeps an up-to-date list of Club members. Orders annual RASC Observers Handbooks and RASC calendars.

Elections - Held at the March meeting. 

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