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General Information (return to top)
American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) - Variable star finder charts, bulletins, observational data and more.

Anthony Ayiomamitis wonderful astrophotos

Apollo Lunar Surface Journal - for those of you who believe we actually went there….

Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO) From Ralph Geschwind. If you are interested in observing objects within our solar system then this is the place to visit.

Astronomy Magazine - Kalmbach Publishing Co. Good information for amateurs, news, events, product information and  hobby information.

Astronomy Picture of the Day -  Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams - Go here if you discover something!

Cloudy Nights - Online articles, reviews, and forums.

Constellations & Deep Sky Atlas - By the Hawaiian Astronomical Society.

Earth and Sky - A general earth science and astronomy web site for everyone. They also produce a short, 2 to 3 minute, daily radio show that is available as a podcast download.

Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics - Cambridge University Press

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Moon - Lots of lunar pics and data.

Hoover-Price Planetarium - Part of the McKinley Museum and National Memorial, Canton, OH.

Hubble Heritage Image Gallery - An amazing archive of  Hubble Space Telescope images.

International Astronomical Union - Promotes and coordinates world wide cooperation in astronomy

International Dark-Sky Association - Helps to eliminate light pollution.

International Occultation and Timing Association - (IOTA) Facilitates the observation of occultations and eclipses.

JPL's Small Body Database - Lists physical parameters of small bodies and can generate emphemerides for a specific object. - From Phil Hoyle. NASA will release an image per day of Mars taken from the Mars Odyssey spacecraft

Messier Catalog - The SEDS Messier listing from the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space.

Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking

Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial - Prof. Wright’s resource on the “big picture” – kept current and filled with links.

The Nine Planets

North American Sundial Society 

On-line Lunar Atlas - The Lunascan Project. An Earth-Based Telescopic Imaging  program using live CCD imaging technology to observe, document, and record LTPs (Lunar Transient Phenomena).

Planetary Photojournal - a NASA resource of solar system images and more.

Satellite Visibility Home Page

SETI @ HOME - Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.

Shadow and Substance - Some neat graphics and animations of current sky events, eclipses and even meteor showers.

Size of Our Worlda nice extrapolation of size scaling beyond the solar system.

Sky & Telescope Magazine - Sky Publishing. News, sights, tips, images, product reviews and resources.

Skyhound - An easy to use observing website.  What’s up this month, information on observable comets, and more.

Sky Maps - Monthly printable sky maps.

Solar Eclipse Predictions - Fred Espenak’s eclipse prediction page.

Solar Terrestrial Dispatch - space weather stuff and software.

Space Telescope Science Institute - Hubble pics and info on Next Generation Space Telescope (NGST)

Space Weather - News and information about the Sun and solar system.

The Space watch Project

Stargazer - Web page where you can download or view the weekly Stargazer show.

Supernovae Info - Reference and finder info for active supernovae – including galaxy photos.

Tonight Sky - Monthly flash player movies of what's up, more for entry level astronomer.

Universe Today - Daily astronomy related news and information.

Virtual Moon Atlas - by the folks who brought you Cartes du Ceil

Virtual reality moon phase -

WEBD -.  Data on open clusters with charts and individual star magnitudes

Mars Watch -

Lunar Photo of the Day-Charles Wood Our site is devoted to hands-on astronomy activities and contains high quality material of great usefulness for promoting astronomy to beginners. Of special note is our downloadable star wheel or planisphere which has versions covering every latitude on Earth - Great site for Apollo lunar landing sites. You start with an Earth based photo of the moon with Apollo landing sites marked. With successive clicks on the sites, you zoom in through high resolution Earth images to space craft images of the landing sites. One of the photos acutally shows the landing module as taken from the command module(17?). Keep zooming in until nothing happens when you click.

Variable stars - - a simple web page which introduces students and others to variable star analysis.  It includes links to data and to software, as well as simple information and references on variable stars. - Hi-res images of the sun in hydrogen alpha - Astrobiology - Astrobiology news

     Blogs (return to top)

Astroprof's Page - A content-rich blog written by a college instructor of physics and astronomy

Planetary Society Blog - Emily Lakdawalla’s blog on solar system exploration – sponsored by the Planetary Society

Star Stryder - Pamela Gay’s blog

Bad Astronomy Blog - Phil Plait (a.k.a. the Bad Astronomer)

Science Musings Blog - Chet Raymo’s blog – not always astronomy, but this guy can write!

Cosmic Variance - Some professional astronomers and cosmologists share ideas and opinions

Podcasts (return to top)

Astronomy 161 - General astronomy course taught by Prof. Richard Pogge of Ohio State

Astronomy 162 - General astronomy course taught by Prof. Richard Pogge of Ohio State

Astronomy Cast - Weekly podcast in which a specific topic is discussed during each show

Skywatch - Short weekly podcast

Jodcast - Twice monthly podcast

Silicon Valley Astronomy Lectures - Podcasts of lectures given by professionals

Stardate Radio - Two minute daily program

Planetary Radio - Weekly show of the Planetary Society

Weather Maps (return to top)  

Clear Sky Clock for WCAC and The Wilderness Center Astronomy Education Building. At a glance, it shows when it will be cloudy or clear for up to the next two days. It's a prediction of when WCAC, Ohio, will have good weather for astronomical observing. The data for the above image comes from those very cool guys at the. Canadian Meteorological Center. (This really works!!!)

Geostationary Satellite Imagery

Weather Today - Akron, Wilmot

Real-Time Weather Data (Ohio Regional Close-up)

Ohio National Weather Service Forecast Info

Optical Observatories (return to top)

Air Force Maui Optical Station

Anglo-Australian Observatory 

Bradford Robotic Telescope

Cambridge Astronomy

Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory (CGRO) 

Detroit Observatory

Solar Observatories (return to top)

Vendors and Manufacturers (return to top)

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